Icy Sidewalks!

The snow is here and more is coming! The warmer weather has left us and all of the beautiful leaves have fallen off the trees. That fluffy wonderful white stuff that we call snow will certainly take up residency throughout the City of Watertown over the next four to five months.

With any amount of snowfall accumulating on the ground, the owner, occupant or person in charge of the property shall, within 24 hours after the snow has stopped falling, remove all the snow and ice that fell or accumulated upon the sidewalk(s) and driveway apron(s) abutting the premises. Failure to comply with Ordinance §457-11(A) Snow and Ice Removal may result in a forfeiture of $124. Sidewalks and driveway aprons need to be maintained throughout the year, especially during the winter months when snow and ice are prevalent. Children as well as adults use the sidewalks to get around town.  Children walking to and from school need a clean and safe area to walk. In conjunction with this ordinance, you may not deposit snow into the street, alley, or roadway.  Failing to act in accordance with this part of the ordinance carries a forfeiture of $124. Please remember to remove the snow and ice on sidewalks and driveway aprons appropriately and do not deposit it onto your neighbor’s property without their permission. If you are unable to remove that tough ice that sometimes forms the ordinance does allow for the owner, occupant, or person in charge of the property to sprinkle the ice with sand, salt or an ice-melting compound. 

Now that snow has fallen, the Watertown Police Department receives numerous complaints on snow and ice covered sidewalks.  Please take this responsibility seriously and remove the snow or ice form your property before a person falls and injures themselves. The Watertown Police Department would rather seek voluntary compliance of this ordinance from all property owners rather than forcing compliance by issuing citations.

The City of Watertown does post all Municipal Code of Ordinances on its website under the Government tab. In addition, the Watertown Police Department updates its website and Facebook pages with information pertaining to weather related situations such as declared Snow Emergencies. Please keep yourself safe and warm this winter!