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With Watertown’s abundant and beautiful water resources, it is easy to take it for granted that water, clean water, will continue flowing from our taps. Did you know that in the U.S. your water utility delivers, on average, 300 gallons per household per day, or an average of 88 gallons per person. This isn’t true around the globe as droughts like Cape Town experienced are requiring cities to place limits on water use. Here in the states, we continue to have a crisis of clean water in Flint, while hurricanes and wild fires strain our clean water supply from coast to coast.

Thanks to the introduction of a simple online water audit by the National Rural Water Association, every household in the U.S. can now see how their behaviors impact their water and energy use, and identify ways to save.  

“In less than six minutes, the NRWA Savings Engine helps you better understand your personal water use and your opportunities to save water and the energy in water,” says Matt Holmes, Deputy CEO of the NRWA, whose organization introduced the NRWA Savings Engine in November of 2018 to educate customers on water use beyond the meter. “You can think of it as your starting line for smarter water management.” 

EPA: How We Use Water, while people in water scarce parts of the globe 12 gallons/person/day, see: World Health Organization, “Per Capita Water Need.” 

  • Water saving is easy, and also saves energy.  This 5-minute home water audit reveals show how you compare to others in our nation and where you can save, courtesy the National Rural Water Association: "  

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 Executive Director Kerry Schumann had this to say on Gov. Evers’ speech:

Last night, in his first State of the State Address, Gov. Tony Evers proclaimed 2019 the “Year of Clean Drinking Water.”

 As conservation voters, we understand safe, clean drinking water is fundamental to our state’s health. That’s why it’s been Wisconsin Conservation Voters’ top priority for four years. With his announcement, Gov. Evers has made it clear that in 2019, we will make progress toward clean drinking water for all.

 That work begins today. Will you be part of The Year of Clean Drinking Water?  As more and more families face growing threats to their drinking water like lead, manure, and nitrate contamination - Your voice is so important. Sign our pledge to be part of this exciting movement to protect Wisconsin from the devastating effects of lead, manure, and chemical contamination of our drinking water.

 It’s an exciting time for conservation. We have momentum and representation in state leadership. This is the time to fight harder than ever before to ensure that the water coming from our taps is safe and clean today and for future generations.

 Be a part of The Year of Clean Drinking Water - Wisconsin needs you.  

Schumann, K (2019 January 22) “Year of Clean Drinking Water.” See Reference website