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Jacob Maas  Douglas G. Zwieg  Nikki Zimmerman
 Zoning Administrator  Building Inspector  Confidential Secretary
 920-262-4041  920-262-4062  920-262-4060

106 Jones Street, PO Box 477, Watertown, WI - Room 2034

Office Hours are 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

For information on the Bielinski Conceptual Plan being presented at the June 12th Site Plan and Plan Commission, the packet on the conceptual review which Bielinski is presenting can be found by clicking on the following link: Bielinski Hunter Oaks Conceptual Plan 

City of Watertown Zoning Administrator Jacob Maas attended the Wisconsin Natural Resources board meeting on March 1, 2017. He was on their agenda to discuss 103 W. Cady Street which is to be purchased with Stewardship grant assistance. Typically, land purchased with sterwardship funds must be open to items such as trapping, hunting, hiking, fishing and skiing. However when the land is in or near cities and/or buildings, some of those activities can be prohibited for safety reasons. Jacob Maas requested approval that prohibition of hunting and trapping of 103 W. Cady Street to protect public safety.  For the link to the broadcast, please click HERE


When in doubt, check it out!

We strongly encourage you to call our office prior to the start of any project to verify the necessity of any permits. Please plan ahead!!  Many permits can be issued the same day. Other permits (i.e. building permits, fence permits, pool permits, etc.) require review by one of our inspectors.  Due to limited staff and inspection hours, we highly suggest turning in all paperwork at least 1 week prior to the date you would like to begin a project.  All permits are good for 1 year from the date they are issued.

Click here to view and print all permits and applications.

The City of Watertown Building Inspection Department is responsible for the following:

  • Inspection of all new homes
  • Inspection of commercial buildings
  • Plan review of all new homes
  • Issuance of all building permits, sign permits, fence permits, electrical permits, plumbing permits & HVAC permits
  • Zoning Code enforcement
  • Housing Code enforcement
  • Administration of Conditional Use Permits
  • Site Plan Review Committee (The review of all new commercial development)
  • Zoning Board of Appeals
  • Administration of floodplain and shore land zoning

Please Note:

* Locate your property stakes before starting your project.  If you cannot locate, please contact a land surveyor for assistance.
*Contact Diggers Hotline  800-242-8511 before digging.
*Be sure to check for any deed restrictions / subdivision covenants before starting work.
*Check for any easements that would be on your property.  These easements will require a minimum setback from the easement.


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